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Commission Work

Contract Freelance Videos

Role: Director

Tasks: Shooting, Editing, Animation

Defining your product, project, or companies value can be difficult. I work with clients to help convey this value and make sure their content is understood. By using an array of film making skills including shooting, editing, animation, visual effects, and direction and collaboration, I help to explain exactly what your value is. With fun, unique effects and an eye catching style, we can achieve this together. 

Creating a collaberative, safe, fun work environment is the key to this. I make creating your video fun, and this is felt strongly in the final product. By providing constant clear communication, and by making sure that your voice is heard, I can gurantee you'll be thrilled with both the process, and final video we make together. 

Below are various videos I have made with some of my favourite clients.

The Kount

Gary Furlong

Roshiin & Noam


Light and Paper

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